Qualcon: The Measure of Quality

Qualcon services are provided by a professional and diverse staff with decades of combined quality assurance experience. The required personnel and skills are matched to each client's specific need. Some of the types of services we provide include, but are not limited to the list below.

Source Inspection

Engineered equipment, products, and components are closely monitored throughout fabrication and testing to assure compliance with industry standards and client specifications. The result of these procedures is delivery on schedule and equipment that performs as designed.

Mill Surveillance

Qualcon offers in-process mill surveillance, threading, and coating inspection of OCTG and Line Pipe. We can provide a team of resident inspectors to oversee the fabrication of your mill run to ensure a quality product at your site. This would include the material verification to final load-out of the pipe. This approach can drastically reduce problems associated with production, shipping, and logistics of a customer’s product.

Turnaround Staffing

Qualcon is capable of providing certified personnel in all areas of turnarounds. Our inspectors have expertise with pressure vessels, piping, tanks, boilers, and many other specialties. The urgency to have a unit back in operation within a timely manner is key. We can provide dependable, qualified, and safe personnel to help achieve all expectations of our customers.

Drilling QA/QC

Reducing rig NPT through QA/QC management of drilling and completions equipment and OCTG is critical for success. Qualcon will provide qualified personnel that can manage these critical Drilling QA/QC functions. Our staff is highly knowledgeable in the applicable industry standards including ISO 9001, API Q1/Q2 and are also capable of having a detailed understanding of the vendors’ Quality Management Systems. Our staff will also set a clear HSE leadership example and promote a high degree of health, safety and environmental awareness among project stakeholders.

Project Expediting

Qualcon offers a proactive approach to project expediting. Many organizations have only employed expediting after problems have already impacted project schedules. By employing expediting early in a project, many delays can be avoided through early detection of problems. Both field and desk expediting are utilized to verify critical path equipment and processes stay within date limits.

Supplier Evaluation

Evaluation of vendors or proposed vendors quality system ensures order placement with sources that can provide components and products that meet contractual specifications, as well as delivery within specified time constraints.

QA/QC Staff Augmentation

Qualcon can staff projects with dedicated quality or expediting professionals with specific skills to supplement our client’s organization. Many larger organizations are moving to staff augmentation to reduce the cost of directly employing personnel or for limited durations.