Qualcon: The Measure of Quality

Qualcon Inc. was launched in 1994 to close the gap between the customers need for, and the industries inability to provide a more qualified level of quality personnel. We are committed to becoming a "single source" supplier to companies who have need for exceptional support in their quality and project management efforts.

At Qualcon, our mission is to instill in our customers that sense of confidence that their quality needs are being assured by the best in the business. Our quality representatives are preferred because of their exceptional integrity, superior work ethic, extensive knowledge, and professional character. Required personnel are personally assigned to each customer to meet their specific and unique needs.

Our administrative staff is another reason why our clients rely on us. With years of experience in the quality management field, and professional training in the facets of business that are of most concern to our customers, our staff provides prompt and courteous service to meet each customer’s distinct needs.