Qualcon: The Measure of Quality

Our PeopleWe have a varied and diverse pool of strategically located personnel from which we are able to mobilize individuals or assemble entire quality teams for our clients quality assurance needs.

Qualcon will continually strive to meet or exceed both internal and external customers' expectations, be innovative in design of our services, and involve all levels of the organization in Quality Planning. 

The continued support of our customers will be used as measures of success in achieving quality requirements and expectations. 

Whatever form your quality assurance issues may take, Qualcon is ready to help you ensure that your goals and expectations become reality. 

Some of the personnel types we provide include, but are not limited to the list below.

QA Supervisors & Managers
QA/QC Coordinators
QA/QC Inspectors
Mill Inspectors
Projects & Turnaround Specialists
Drilling QA/QC Specialist
Expediting Supervisors/Managers